MessengerLAN is an instant messaging program for local networks, even for a corporate or home network

Based on peer-to-peer (or P2P) technology, this LAN messenger enables users to send and receive secure instant messages among office coworkers.

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A powerful tool for communicating with other people on your office network.

MessengerLAN helps people easily to get in touch with each other regardless of the size of the company.

  • Easy ULWW
  • No dedicated server or Internet connection is required.
  • very easy to install and very simple to use. It does not require computer knowledge
  • user-friendly interface
  • It will run instantly after installing on all the network computers.
  • No configuration or maintenance required (works immediately after installation)
  • Affordable ($7.90* per user). No hidden costs.
  • Fast & Efficient: Communication is quick, silent (if you disable sounds) and confidential. A single click can send a complete message.
  • Discrete: When not in use, MessengerLAN is displayed as an icon in the system tray. An optional notification sound can be played as well.
  • Secure: All messages remain within the local network, inaccessible by intruders on the Internet.
  • Any number of users on the same network segment
  • Automatic user detection, no need to "Add user" to contact list.
  • Password protected
  • Free email customer support and upgrades.

* Buying the 100 users pack.


Easily Send, Receive and Reply messages
Faster and more efficient than email or other instant messaging like internet based instant messengers.
Don't waste your time writing emails or with extense phone calls.
Implement a new sales program for your sales team in hours instead of weeks
Offer immediate, real-time assistance to network users instead of making them wait for return e-mail or a phone call
Reduce or eliminate interruptions, wasted walking, phone calls and miscommunication
Instantly and discretely answer to a customer, on the phone or in person.
Fully customizable: sounds, preset messages, message log.
Users, Groups, Broadcast: send a message to a user, a set of users or to all online users.
See which computers are turned on wich ones are logged in MessengerLan.
  • announce a call
  • tell someone another call is holding
  • inform someone their visitor has arrived or a meeting is about to begin
  • get an answer
  • While still on the phone, get crucial information from a co-worker without disrupting the phone call.

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