Prices and Quantity Discounts

Number of Licenses Price per Unit Total Price
Up to 3 users $18.90 $56.70
Up to 5 users $16.90 $84.50
Up to 20 users $13.90 $278.00
Up to 50 users $8.90 $445.00
Up to 100 users $7.90 $790.00
101 to 999 users $5.50 $5494.50
Unlimited   $ 6500

Processor Payment methods Purchase Here

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal account (Online bank transfers using your bank account)



  • Credit Card
  • Online Check (US Bank Account Required )



MessengerLAN is licensed on a concurrent-use basis.
This means you should buy licenses for the maximum number of users that will be using the program at the same time on the same network.
We strongly recommend you to purchase one license for each computer you plan to use the software on.
The prices are final. There are no other monthly or annual fees for the software.
Once your order is verified, you will receive a receipt via email that contains the instructions to download the full version of MessengerLAN.
You can combine license packs on a single LAN.
For example, if you have 25 users, you can purchase one 20-users pack and one 5-users pack.
If you already have MessengerLAN and want to ADD more users, just purchase the additional licenses and we will send you the instructions to upgrade the previously installed programs.
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